Pioneers in equine dentistry with 20 years of experience and a graduate of American School of Equine Dentistry.

We are a veterinary team with a passion for providing the highest quality dental service to our patients.

We provide services in all aspects of equine dentistry, from routine dental exams to advanced dentistry such as endodontics, periodontal therapies and oral surgery.

We have extensive experience dealing with all types of horses, including those competing at Olympic and international level. However, most of our patients are leisure and companion horses and we adapt our work to their reality, possibilities and needs of each horse and each owner.

Our equine dental clinic works in partnership with vetsgironella and we also provide veterinary and dental services to small animals.

Dental care is the basis of a horse’s balance, which is why equine dentistry is an important specialty for keeping your horse in good health and well-being: This is why it is necessary to perform regular checkups. by a professional equine dentist.

We guarantee empathetic treatment with our patients and clients, always with the aim of responding to any concerns that the owners may have in relation to dental procedures and thus allow a pleasant and educational experience for both the horse and the owner. We are happy to answer any questions that homeowners may have throughout the process and aim to increase the homeowner’s awareness of equine dental health.

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